Cody Flick has thought about sound his whole life. He grew up raised by a family in the film sound industry. Therefore, the fundamentals of audio as a tool of expression were ingrained in him from a very young age and has been exploring every possibility possible. During his youth, he developed an affinity for the sound of video games, since he played them quite frequently. The first occurrence that sparked Cody's curiosity as to how games used audio was in the Megaman 2 Flashman stage. In early games, the playback of one shot sounds were simple enough, and music was almost always just a loop. But on the Flashman stage, the music had an introduction separate from the main loop. The discovery that game sound could be dynamic was eye opening for Cody. From then on he knew his destiny was in the relationship between visuals, sound, and the logic used to combine them in games. Cody continues his adventure by seeking knowledge about creating compelling sounds to enhance the gaming experience through design and implementation.